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The Brooklyn Holdouts

Guitarist Chris Bergson and organist Moses Patrou - two stellar, deeply soulful singers - have joined forces as The Brooklyn Holdouts. Drawing on the funky, feel-good, greasy, grooving organ trio tradition, The Brooklyn Holdouts seamlessly navigate Blues, R&B, Soul Jazz, Rock and Americana. Alternating lead vocals, these two powerhouses are also both renowned songwriters drawing on their 20+ years on the New York scene delivering "gut-busting NY blues." (MOJO.) 

Together, Bergson and Patrou deliver original material that is rollicking, witty and spontaneous. Their two voices have enormous character as they trade off singing songs with rich melodies/harmonies, tell-tale lyrics, and funky back beat feels that drive the Blues guitar and Hammond soul organ trio, making the Brooklyn Holdouts an absolute must-see in 2023.